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Our Value Hypothesis

Presently, there are numerous Smallholder Farmer Development projects being undertaken by Government ad the Private Sector, through Corporate Social Investment and Black Economic Empowerment Programmes.   Often these projects fail due to a lack of expertise, resources, finance, poor stakeholder relations, community buy-in and poor market access.


South Africa is also at a stage where an increasing number of NGO's are competing for a declining amount of funding. Therefore, the ASSUMPTION is that the Public and Private Sector donors (and investors) are in need of more impactful and sustainable programmes with good project management & reporting.


AfriGrow uniqueness is the combined knowledge, experience & expertise of its founders who have tailored a System and Approach with communities, government and the corporate sector to develop sustainable community driven livelihoods through agricultural programmes.


Our System & Approach is based on the concept of “Building from Below” through active engagement from inception that allows for the relevant stakeholders and beneficiaries to part of the design, structuring and implementation resulting in them taking ownership, showing commitment and dedication.  By doing this, we mitigate the risk of failure and enhance the chances of sustainability in the programme.

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