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AfriGrow’s uniqueness is the combined knowledge, experience & expertise that has tailored a System and Approach with communities, government and the corporate sector to develop sustainable community driven livelihoods through agricultural programmes.

Our System & Approach is based on the concept of “Building from Below” through active engagement from inception that allows for the relevant stakeholders and beneficiaries to part of the design, structuring and implementation resulting in them taking ownership, showing commitment and dedication

Our System

In our system a network of People, Farms & Markets come together in complimentary fashion.  The participants in our system include:
• People are our farmers, investors / donors & community stakeholders.
• Farms are diversified into both Crop & Animal production.
• Markets are the consumers, wholesalers & distributors.



Our Approach

Our approach to development encompasses key principles that ensure long-term sustainability. We ensure that all stakeholders are meaningfully engaged ensuring full consultation and active involvement in every step of the process.


• Engage through consultation and ensure that we build a sense of inclusivity of people in the design, structuring and implementation phases.
• Empower through skills development & transfer.
• Endure by ensuring economic, environment & social cohesion though sound business practices that also have a positive social impact and does not harm the environment.



Our Farm-to-Fork Methodology

Through our innovative “Farm-to-Fork” approach we work with communities, government and the corporate sector to create sustainable livelihoods through agricultural & nutrition programmes. We develop land for smallholder farmers and farms are implemented with support in production, skills transfer, technical support and sales & marketing.

AfriGrow implements programmes that advocate a “Shared Growth & Prosperity” approach ensure that livelihoods are sustained into the future.

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