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AfriGrow was established following 10 years of development in differnet sectors by various key individuals. AfriGrow is a registered Non-Profit Company (NPC) with operations throughout South Africa and has developed strategic partnerships with various organisations to enhance the delivery of its programmes resulting in more sustainable impact.
Our organisation is governed and strategically guided by a seasoned Board of Directors and managed by highly talented Executive, Management& Implementing teams.  AfriGrow maintains the highest levels of ethical standards in conducting its activities and we ensure strong values of integrity and transparency across all our operations. Our staff is driven by efficient and responsible use of all resources to deliver maximum benefits to the communities we serve.


Through our innovative“Farm-to-Fork” approach we work with communities, government and the corporate sector to develop sustainable community driven livelihoods through agricultural & nutrition programmes. We develop land for smallholder farmers andfarms are implemented with support in production, skills transfer, technical support and sales & marketing. In doing so we enablesmallholder farmers to join the mainstream agricultural economy and our strategy is to replicate the “Farm-to-Fork”  in clusters of farms within an easily managable geographical area. In nutrition we want to focus on addressing malnutrition through the provision of meals tailored to the nutritonal needs and dietary preferences of the identified community.

AfriGrow therefore presents a practical, pragmatic and scalable model of how we all can help affect a necessary social & economic transformation.

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