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Non-Executive Director - Anati Canca

Anati Canca is the Managing Director of Malangana Innovation Advisory; a professional services business aimed at advancing the acceleration of science- and technology-based solutions to address the attainment of positive outcomes in socio-economic conditions through various levels of industry development. Malangana Innovation Advisory specialises in the formulation and execution of innovation strategies for technology transfer in a number of sectors including energy, agriculture and manufacturing.

Anati Canca has 15 years of Senior Management experience in the organisations in the National System of Innovation in South Africa. Her extensive background has been gained from various sectors such as Academia, Science Councils and the Public Service. She is a seasoned strategist who thrives in being a part of designing blueprints and leading technological innovation programmes with measurable socio-economic development outcomes.
In recognition of her leadership and valuable contribution in the science sector in South Africa in her various roles, Anati was awarded the Eisenhower Fellowship in 2011 and the Tuks Alumni Award by the University of Pretoria in 2008. 

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