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Our Motivation:

Currently, in Africa more than 200 million people are undernourished and approximately 33 million children go to sleep malnourished and hungry every night. “Overcoming poverty must become an act of justice” and the need for food security, improved nutrition and sustainable livelihoods are critical in Africa.

We feel an opportunity exists to present agricultural solutions that provide the poor with the choice of livelihoods and dignity and a solution that can be replicated across the African Continent.


Our Mission

NPC (AfriGrow) aims to usher-in a “New Season” of economic & social development. This “New Season” is focused on enhancing social cohesion and is pillared on an integrated approach of food production, nutrition, health & education.

Our MISSION is to reach “10 Million Farmers by the year 2025”. Beginning in 2015, this “10-in-10” goal was inspired by the notion that we need to be“Sowing Sustainable Solutions for a Socially Cohesive today & tomorrow”. Furthermore, implementing programmes that advocate a “Shared Growth & Prosperity” approach ensure that livelihoods are sustained into the future.


Our Vision:

To “increase social cohesion, food production and enhance food security by Supporting Smallholder Farmers”.


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