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From Farm to Fork

Growing FARMERS who lack capacity

Agriculture is a Science and requires skills, commitment & dedication. Smallholder Farmers often lack the necessary capacity to operate in both this highly skilled and competitive industry.

Growing FORTUNES across the Value Chain

The Value is in the “Value Chain”! Having identified the lack of access to value chains as a weakness of Smallholder Farmers, AfrigGrow develops local packhouses, processing facilities and logistical networks for Smallholder Farmers.


AfriGrow provides a support programme that empowers farmers and also creates a platform from they can access Advice, Skills and Capacity Building Programmes, Technical Support, Operational / Enterprise Development Support and Marketing & Distribution Support.


Testimonies about our amazing work

Seriti Institute is very happy to be able to partner with AfriGrow in establishing agricultural enterprises and mentoring management drawn from the worker-owners. AfriGrow has all the zest and energy of a young company yet is able to draw on decades of experience from the agriculturalists on staff. It has been able to demonstrate, in different climactic zones and at different scales of production, that organic agriculture is not only viable but exceptionally profitable provided that there is enterprise development all along the value chain. AfriGrow is fully aware of the need to pay attention to the entire organizational ecosystem to ensure optimal conditions for agricultural ventures, and every farming project that it undertakes is therefore complemented by development initiatives in neighbouring communities. We are confident that this approach will realise great gains in terms of job creation, and bring prosperity to communities across the country.

Dr.Gavin Andersson - Seriti Institude

AfriGrow Development have really come to the party and revived Sibanye Gold’s stagnating projects in a record space of time. Attention is focused on sustainability, with the integration of our projects into the long term vision and strategy for the areas of our operation. This, along with the collaborative partners being brought on board by AfriGrow, will go a long way towards ensuring the long term benefits of the projects to our communities. Actions speak louder than words, and one has to experience the renewed energy of our beneficiaries – thanks to the AfriGrow team! We look forward to replicating this success at all Sibanye Gold’s agriculture projects in future.

Hethen Hira - Sibanye Gold